Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ok, so we have moved to VEGAS!!! I am so excited to be here. Although I miss my friends and family, I hope to begin re-doing and up-doing furniture all throughout the desert! Check my page for pricing! I'm ready to get to work!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just a Few Examples

Wood Pallet Shelves


Side Tables/Coffee Tables

Odds & Ends

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


YAY! I am so excited. So my hubby stayed home today, and got a wild hair. For months I have been asking for us to work together on a project (one that we won't kill each other doing or end up divorcing each other over, while forcing the other to take full custody of all 3 kids).

So we live in a 1700 sqft home with 3 children. And yes, if my posts haven't already clued you in and you still need to ask...I am on the RED EYE TO CRAZY TOWN!!! But I am not precious husband has bought a ticket as well. Together we are completely Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs........but I digress.

Anyway, our kiddos have a hallway that separates their bedrooms from the living room where the hubs and I like to veg and watch television. And since he is a man, we watch it loudly!!!! I'm always complaining that we can hear everything that the kiddos are doing and vice versa! Between the "Cinema Quality, Action Packed, Shoot'em Up, Say Every Inappropriate Word Known To Man" movies he watches and the "obnoxious but thank GOD IN HEAVEN for the silly Sponge Bill Circle Shirt" shows my kids love, and the clanking of the GAZILLION dishes I'm washing in the kitchen...a person can seriously beg for Chinese Torture just to get some sanity.

So we decided that our only salvation would be a door. And seeing as how we no longer barter with chickens, or goats, and I have to have something that makes a statement, which means it's going to be pricey...buying a door was out of the question! SOOOOOOO....thank you google....I found Killer B!!! YAY! She gave me the greatest idea EVER!

So here is what we are doing!!!

We got the paneling...the type that snaps together

3 pine boards to frame it and make it look like it actually might have come out of a barn

Next came the Angle cut for the piece across the door. After some major mathematical equations, ruining one whole board, and screwing up so royally that we laughed like crazy cuz it was too ridiculous to even get mad over...we finally got smart and realized we were over thinking it!!! Eventually we got it.

 Here's our final product!!!! But the best part........IT WORKS!!! Open...LOUD....Close....Silence...1 more time for effect...Open...L O U D...Close...S I L E N C E. God is good...and so are doors. Now to figure out how to add a lock without it being a fire hazard.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Painting Rules...

Ok, I have RULES...Painting Rules. There are many places I've been with painting. Some good and some not so good. They were bad, REEEEEAAALL bad. I'm talking 9th level of Hell bad! So bad that I've made myself a set of rules! And I hate rules! But I digress...

Anyway, it never fails. I get in a hurry. I want to do a project. I want to see the finished product! And, even though I've told myself not to go down that Prompt, Painted, Passage to "Project Pulverization", for some screw-ball reason, I just can't help but break the rules!

So how did I prove my point to myself today? Well, I've started my first attempt at transforming one of those "1990's, Cumbersome and Obsolete due to the invention of the Flat Screen" Entertainment Centers into an "OH SO CUTE" kid's kitchenette. Google it, they are adorable. And to someone like me, who sees the destination, not the journey, I think "SOOOOO EEEEEEAAAAASSSSYYYY!!! Should take me a couple of hours, maybe a day". I get started.

As usual, my goal is to do as much, if not all, of a project with things I already have. Thrifty, yes, but honestly, I'm just lazy and I hate leaving the house. That would require a bra, real clothes, and shoes. Makes me tired just typing it. So, I survey the Pandemonium that is my Garage.

  1. Entertainment Center: CHECK (found on side of the road, SCORE)
  2. Extra Wood for Oven Door: CHECK (Pandemonium, remember. I've got scraps of wood EVERYWHERE)
  3. Hardware for Sink, Stove, and Oven: CHECK (again...stuff I just have laying around, weird I know)
  4. Silver bowl for Sink: CHECK ("I don't need that mixing bowl, a little silver spray paint & we're good")
  5. Paint: CHECK (gallons, upon gallons of paint in my garage in a variety of colo.....oh, rules.........what was number one again??????

Painting Rules for Furniture or Large Projects
  1. Spray Paint, Spray Paint, SPRAY PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is where the gift of Free Will backfires on me EVERY TIME! 2 choices; 1 right, 1 wrong. Latex (here, but bad for me on this project) or Spray Paint (Not here, have to drive). I go back and forth.

"Meenie, Miny, Mo"...then I think to myself "The perils of painting that caused me to create Rule #1 weren't THAT painful. I mean, I don't wanna drive! So...Latex it is. FULL SPEED AHEAD!"

Wrong Choice made. For me and my none detailed hands, using the regular "paint and brush" method on these kinds of projects DOES NOT WORK! I KNOW THIS! No, I mean I KNOOOOOWWW THIS!

Big projects and a gallon of Latex paint (don't even get me started on Oil) with an expensive brush in my hand will undoubtedly end up with clumps and strokes (and yes I use Flotrol, but it looses it's flow control on me!). Inevitably, I find myself painting, sanding, painting, sanding, changing colors, clumping, sanding, painting, sanding, more clumping, scraping...throwing, kicking, breaking, EXPLODING!!!!

And there you have it; my day in a nutshell. So, now, after my explosion, I'm taking a time out. Having spent last night and all of today on just the painting and sanding dance, I've decided I should have gone with Choice #1. Later, I will force on suitable clothing and shoes and head to HD for some spray paint. And all will be right with the world...

Project will resume tomorrow.